Tech Tools for Your Spiritual Journey

Though technology certainly can be a distraction, a frustration, or even a stumbling block in our spiritual journeys, there are also some powerful technological tools we have found to be useful to the Christ-follower.  Of course, there are superb computer-based tools like the Logos library, but I’d like to take some time today to recommend some free tools available for your computer and/or mobile device.


Blue Letter Bible: A free mobile app that allows you to access multiple versions of the Bible in many languages (including biblical Hebrew and Greek).  Some are available for download, while others are only available online.  You can also view two versions in parallel (much easier on a tablet than a phone just due to size). and Websites that give you access to multiple versions of the Bible, as well as other open access study tools like concordances, commentaries, and interlinear Bibles. is a direct link to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, which is very useful with the next link. (also accessible as  A website that provides interlinear versions of the Bible (Hebrew or Greek text together with English).  The words are hyperlinked to Strong’s Concordance tools.  This works very well in conjunction with Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words (studylight link above). and the ESV App:  The entirety of the ESV available online for free.  Both have an audio version also, though you have to click on an arrow to move it chapter by chapter, which limits its functionality if you’re listening to it as you drive.

ReadScripture:  An app that combines a Bible reading plan with hand-illustrated videos which explain key theological themes of every book from Genesis from Revelation alongside the text of these books.  It is designed to bring you through the entire Bible in a year, though that is ambitious and there is no time limit.  I have been working very slowly through it since I found the app – and am just finishing Genesis.  The videos are only available with Internet access, so be careful with your data usage if you’re accessing on your mobile device.


Scripture Typer: I’ve tried several scripture memory apps, but this is the one I really like.  The free version allows you to select up to 50 verses to memorize, and you can download them automatically in most English translations.  You can also create and join groups (I’ve made three to consider: “FCBC Memory Verses,” “FCBC Men” and “Topical Memory System” that you are welcome to join) to work together with others.  What I appreciate about Scripture Typer are the various ways you can practice.  There is a “Type” mode in which the whole verse is displayed in light type that darkens as you type the first letter of each word.  The next mode is “Memorize,” in which words are removed from the verse and replaced with blank spaces.  The final mode is “Master,” which gives you a blank screen for you to type in.  Since you are typing only the first letter of each word, it is manageable and has really helped me as I’ve worked on memorization.  There is also an ability to record and play back the verse in your own voice.


Prayer Mate This is a fantastic app, and I am still learning more about it. The app allows you to make several different lists/categories, for instance “Praise,” “Confession,” “Thanksgiving,” “Family,” “Church,” “Unsaved,” etc.  You then enter different prayer topics/names in each list. There is an ability to write specific prayer requests/items in each of these topics.  Then you select how many prayer topics/names you wish to have displayed each time you open the app up for prayer, and it will choose from them randomly.  You can indicate if there are certain lists or topics you want to pray for more regularly or every time.  For instance, I have it set up to display 7 topics each time, and always give me a topic from the “Praise,” “Thanksgiving,” and “Family” lists.  It then selects random items for the other 4 slots.  It also has a “Prayer Builder” function that will help you select specific scriptures for each list and/or topic, whether you want to keep that scripture all the time or have it rotate daily.  TIP: Use your laptop/desktop computer to write out your longer prayer concerns and then email them to yourself.  Then you can copy/paste them to the app pages, which is a lot easier than typing with your thumbs!


Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t direct your attention to our website (, FaceBook Page (, and of course this blog (  There are some other tools that we hope to launch in the near future.

I hope these are helpful.  Please comment with your thoughts.  I’d also am excited to hear which other tools you recommend!

In Christ,



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