Guest Post: A Testimony on Thankfulness

Two weeks ago at discipleship, Pastor Josh asked me what I was most thankful for, and least thankful for in that day. I answered him as best as I could. He went on to say that those questions were ones that he was trying to make part of their family dinner; a way to reflect on the day. I am usually the one at our family doing that question asking, and I thought that was a cool way to get people thinking. At dinner the next night, I started by asking one of my sisters what she was least thankful for. My Dad cut in and asked why I would ask her something like that, why would I want her to dwell on that. I was speechless. I didn’t know why I was asking those specific questions aside from I thought they were a new way to think about your day. My Dad’s question then made me think about exactly why was I asking those questions.

The next week at Discipleship, Pastor Josh started off the discussion with asking those two questions again to everyone in the room. We all answered what we were most thankful for, and we began what we were least thankful for. I was second, so I waited for my turn to ask my question. When it was my turn, I basically asked my Dad’s question to Pastor Josh; “Why would we ask someone that? Why would we want them to think about that?” Some of the answers I received were: “It can help us see how petty they actually were when we say them out loud,” “We can receive help from others on how to deal with that situation,” “It can allow the Lord to work through others’ perspective in what we are least thankful for…we thank the Lord for the good and bad. Paul gave thanks in all circumstances, not just ‘good.’ He had to LEARN to be thankful, sometimes this requires the perspective of an outside source. For the same reason we list what we are thankful for, God gets glory for both…especially because we know He works in both.”

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