Seven Challenges for Easter

Here are seven challenges Pastor Josh has asked us to meet this Easter:

  1. Pray for an unbeliever that you want to invite (Friend, Relative, Associate, Neighbor).

  2. Pray as you enter the church’s property

  3. Park at the most distant spot available.

  4. Greet people and look to help people. Be a guide.

  5. Sit close to the front.  Most guests want to sit in the back.

  6. Write a note to someone who has lost a loved one this year.

  7. Pray and be thankful as you leave.

Five Things to Say to Guests

  • “Thank you for being here!”

  • “Please, let me help you with that.”

  • “Can I show you where to go?”

  • “Let me introduce you to…”

  • “Would you like to join us for lunch?”

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