One-Word Prompt: “Unforgiven”

Today’s prompt: “Unforgiven”

The Challenge:

Every few days over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting “one word prompts” related to the theme of Forgiveness.  Today’s prompt is the opposite: “Unforgiven.”

We challenge you to write, paint, draw, photograph, or otherwise express as that word prompts you.  How long and in what style is up to you.  Write an essay, poem, song, limerick, or just one line.  Take a photo, make a video, paint a picture, or draw a cartoon.  Post it on your own blog or on social media and share the link here in a comment.  Or simply post it as a comment by itself.  Or, you can send it to us, and we’ll post it here.

One thought on “One-Word Prompt: “Unforgiven”

Add yours

  1. Unforgiven – breaks God’s heart.

    Unforgiven – means my feelings and my way is still in control.

    Unforgiven – is my choice to all the blessing God wants to pour onto me.

    Unforgiven – is siding with the darkness.


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