Dirty Dishes and a Meal of Warning: Prepare for Sunday Gathered 7/16/17

Note: “Prepare for Sunday Gathered” is a weekly message we send out to help our congregation prepare to worship together on Sunday.  It is also available on our webpage: http://www.fcbcnh.org
This week our “meal with Jesus” is found in Luke 11:37-44.  If you are tempted to only think of Jesus as mild mannered and nice, listen to Him here.  But don’t miss the point!  Jesus is not being thin-skinned but is offering compassion to expose this false living from this false teacher.  No one is spared the need to respond to Jesus.  Read it during your devotional time this week (extra challenge – read it with someone else!) and ask yourself these questions as you prepare your heart for Sunday’s sermon:
  1. What does Jesus rebuke the Pharisee for?
  2. What purpose does a “woe” serve? Consider Isaiah 5; Matthew 23
  3. According to Luke 11:44, the Pharisees are like unmarked graves?
  4. What is the significance that Jesus is getting at?

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