Jesus’ Bucket List

Last week, I wrote a post asking you to participate in a survey about your “bucket list.”  Thank you to all who participated.  I spoke to those answers in the sermon last Sunday, “Jesus’ Bucket List,” and I invite you to visit our webpage to hear the sermon or to download the podcast.

In that sermon, we saw some of weapons of the enemy that he uses, hoping to isolate us from the flock so he can attack us in our weakness.

But we also saw that Jesus is Immanuel – “God with us” – and that his mission is to seek and save the lost so that God will be glorified.

In the sermon, I asked that folks write down their struggles and pray for God to be glorified through victory over the enemy.  Specifically, I asked these questions:

  1. What is the enemy calling you to fear and flee?
  2. To what trial or tribulation is the enemy telling you to surrender?
  3. What worldly passion or desire is the Enemy telling you to embrace?
  4. How can the promises and presence of “God with us” – Immanuel – embolden you against the foe, hold you up under trial, and free you from the things of this world?

I’d love to hear people’s answers!  Feel free to comment below or to send me an email or direct message!

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