The Receiving Team

At our last Elder’s meeting, we sought the Scriptures for biblical examples on how to see our missionaries better cared for.  This year, we will be blessed to receive two missionary families into our care.  Typically, churches and mission agencies focus on the sending, not the receiving.  Being “well sent” includes theological training, support raising, linguistic studies, and passports.  What preparation is really necessary for receiving a missionary?

If you have never been a part of cross-cultural missions, you first thought might be, “What’s the big deal?  They’re just coming home!”

Reentry is just as critical as being well sent.  The good news is God is not silent in how the local church can share in the responsibility and privilege of receiving missionaries.  The elders studied Acts 14:26-28; 15:35 and found five observations of how Paul and Barnabas were received back at Antioch (their “sending church” Acts 13:1-2).

  1. They finished their assignment
  2. They returned to their sending church
  3. They received the church’s hospitality
  4. They rehearsed all that God had done in and through them
  5. They ministered again in the church

We look forward to hearing more about how you can help share the responsibility and the privilege of receiving our missionaries at our Sunday Night of Worship, March 4th at 5:00PM


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