Join the 2019 TMS Challenge!

If you are joining us on the 2019 Topical Memory System Challenge, there’s no reason to go it alone!  We will be having our first gatherings soon to encourage one another in this journey.  If you would like to be on the email chain for announcements about such things, please send me an email at

I also will be putting together an online prayer group through the Echo Prayer App (  Echo is a relatively simple app that not only lets you enter and keep track of personal prayer items, but allows you to share prayer requests with the group, add comments to your prayers and those of others, and send encouragement to those you have prayed for.  If you would like to participate please download the app, an account, and send me a note with the email you used for that account so I can send an invite to the group.

If you will be using Bible Memory (Formerly ScriptureTyper) to help you along this journey, I have created a group labeled “Navigators Topical Memory System” which will have the verses in the English Standard Version.  You can either search for it in the app, or send me a note (with the email you used to sign up for Bible Memory) and I will send an invite to you.  Please note that the group also has the “Five Assurances” included.  You can of course make your own groups/collections within Bible Memory using other versions!

For those who do social media, I will continue to post updates on the FCBC Facebook page whenever this blog is updated.  Expect that new posts will show up at 5am every Monday, but there may be others as well.  And of course, you can subscribe to the blog as well.

Finally, I want to emphasize how important it is to have help in this!  Having a TMS buddy – a friend, spouse, child, parent – will make a difference.  Challenge someone to join you!

I hope this helps, and I look forward to our time in the Word!

In Christ,



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