Guest Post: The Lord’s Prayer

A testimony by Jennie about praying "Thy will be done."


Guest Post: A Testimony on Thankfulness

Two weeks ago at discipleship, Pastor Josh asked me what I was most thankful for, and least thankful for in that day. I answered him as best as I could. He went on to say that those questions were ones that he was trying to make part of their family dinner; a way to reflect... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: A Book Review

(by Rich P, an elder at FCBC) A review on Church Discipline, by Jonathan Leeman We are told every good article requires the answers to 7 basic questions. Who?  What?  Where?  When?  Why?  How?  And most importantly, So?  Intentionally or not, these questions about church discipline are answered in Jonathan Leeman’s book.  The real question is;... Continue Reading →

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