One-2-One Bible Reading

One-2-One is simply meeting regularly and intentionally with another person to pray, read the Bible, and discuss what you have read as you build a Christ-focused relationship with each other.


Dirty Dishes and a Meal of Warning: Prepare for Sunday Gathered 7/16/17

Note: "Prepare for Sunday Gathered" is a weekly message we send out to help our congregation prepare to worship together on Sunday.  It is also available on our webpage:

Christ Focus… or Ford Focus?

This photo is from what we used to call "Lieutenants' Row."


Ministry in the Local Community

We believe witness involves both telling and showing. How do you show your faith as an individual Christ-follower, or as a group or congregation of Christ's disciples?  We'd love to hear your stories!


Bible Challenge: 2nd Timothy

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Pat said that we are all slaves to sin.  He challenged us to do the following things: Think of a sin that is enslaving you, the one which has the heaviest chains on your life. Prayerfully read a chapter of 2nd Timothy each day for four days this week. Write down... Continue Reading →


Baptism, May 28th

Please join us as we baptize believers on Sunday, May 28th!


Guest Post: The Lord’s Prayer

A testimony by Jennie about praying "Thy will be done."


Answering the Call to Obedience

"These are difficult words, to me some of the most difficult to digest in all of Scripture..."


Obedience: Submission vs Compliance

As we discussed in previous posts in our series on "A Call to Obedience," obedience is submitting to God, not simply following his commands.  Driving the speed limit when you find yourself next to a police cruiser isn’t obedience.  It’s compliance.  Similarly, following God’s commands because you fear the very real consequences is mere compliance,... Continue Reading →


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