Two Hands and Three Foods

Grasping the things of this world not only enslaves us to this world, but it prevents us from receiving the gifts of heaven.


Bible Challenge: 2nd Timothy

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Pat said that we are all slaves to sin.  He challenged us to do the following things: Think of a sin that is enslaving you, the one which has the heaviest chains on your life. Prayerfully read a chapter of 2nd Timothy each day for four days this week. Write down... Continue Reading →

A Handful of Melon Seeds

A parable about repentance involving a Bushman, a baboon, and a handful of melon seeds.


One-Word Prompt Challenge: “Repent”

Today's prompt: "Forgive" The Challenge: Every few days over the next few weeks, we'll be posting "one word prompts" related to the theme of Forgiveness.  Our next prompt: "repent." We challenge you to write, paint, draw, photograph, or otherwise express as that word prompts you.  How long and in what style is up to you.  Write an... Continue Reading →


92.5% Pure and Tarnished

Tried like silver, and found wanting. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes? All the time?


Did Paul and Jesus Preach the Same Gospel?

The call to repent and believe was at the heart of Jesus’ gospel. Was this true also of Paul's teachings?


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