Baptism Devotions, Part 4

Over the past few days, our Baptism devotionals have considered the “why” and “what” of baptism.  Today, we’d like to discuss the “who?” When I ask “who?” in regards to baptism in our individual-centric culture, the question that likely comes to mind is “who should be baptized?”  And that is an important question.  As Pastor... Continue Reading →

Baptism Devotions, Part 3

The first two parts of our devotions on baptism considered the question, "why do we baptize?"  In this next one, Pastor Josh addresses the question, "what is baptism?" What is baptism?  A good answer starts by recognizing the Greek word baptizo.  Because our English word is a letter-for-letter transliteration of the Greek word, we gain help in determining its... Continue Reading →

Baptism Devotions, Parts 1 & 2

These are the first two in a series of devotionals written for our congregation as we prepare this week for several baptisms.  Written by Pastor Josh, they consider the question, "why do we baptize?" After seeing the baptisms on Easter Sunday, I know that my kids are going to ask me to baptize them the next time we... Continue Reading →

A Call to Obedience

There are many ways in which Christians have and continue to respond to God's commands, and you can probably find some theologians much better known than us who will argue for each of them. We believe the correct response is obedience, and over the next weeks we will discuss that response and how it differs from others. We invite you to join in the discussion.

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