Forgive or Not to Forgive

Starting this Easter Sunday, we are beginning a new sermon series titled, “Forgive or Not to Forgive,” using the book of Philemon.  Philemon is a short but absolutely packed book that hits some extremely tough and sensitive issues (including slavery).  The broad story, however, is one of repairing, restoring, and reconciling relationships, and central to that is the theme of forgiveness.

Sermon audio normally is posted on the following Monday under “Teaching” on our website:  We also publish materials to help prepare for and respond to the sermons, also under “Teaching.”

We plan to structure this series based upon common questions we ask about forgiveness.  Our current schedule:

April 16th (Easter):  “Does Anyone Deserve Forgiveness?” – Pastor Josh Owens

April 23rd: “When ‘I’m Sorry Isn’t Sorry Enough” – Pastor Josh Owens

April 30th: “How Often Do I Need to Forgive?” – Associate Pastor Pat Testerman

May 7th: “Can You Forgive and Forget?” – Associate Pastor Pat Testerman

May 14th: “Hate the Sin and Love the Siner?” – Pastor Josh Owens

May 21st: “Why Should I Get in the Middle of This?” – Pastor Josh Owens

May 28th: “I Just Can’t Forgive Myself!” – Pastor Josh Owens

June 4th: Youth Sunday (Teens Giving Sermon)

*June 11th: “No Longer a Slave” – Associate Pastor Pat Testerman

*June 18th: “I Don’t Get Mad, I Get Even” – Pastor Josh Owens

June 25th: Overview/Review – Pastor Josh Owens

*Change to original series schedule.

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