Dirty Dishes and a Meal of Warning: Prepare for Sunday Gathered 7/16/17

Note: "Prepare for Sunday Gathered" is a weekly message we send out to help our congregation prepare to worship together on Sunday.  It is also available on our webpage: http://www.fcbcnh.org


Bible Challenge: 2nd Timothy

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Pat said that we are all slaves to sin.  He challenged us to do the following things: Think of a sin that is enslaving you, the one which has the heaviest chains on your life. Prayerfully read a chapter of 2nd Timothy each day for four days this week. Write down... Continue Reading →

One-Word Prompt: “Unforgiven”

Today’s prompt: “Unforgiven” The Challenge: Every few days over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting “one word prompts” related to the theme of Forgiveness.  Today’s prompt is the opposite: “Unforgiven.” We challenge you to write, paint, draw, photograph, or otherwise express as that word prompts you.  How long and in what style is up to... Continue Reading →

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