TMS Challenge: REST WEEK!

Welcome to our Rest Week in our journey through the Topical Memory System! We plan to be back next week to continue through Series C, "Rely on God's Resources."


TMS Challenge: His Strength, Philippians 4:13

Welcome as we continue along our journey in The Topical Memory System, it is important to remember that as valuable as memorizing and meditating upon verses of Scripture are, without considering the context it is easy to misunderstand and misuse those verses. Our next verse, as we continue to consider relying upon God's strength rather than... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: His Strength, Isaiah 41:10

I love to canoe, and have been blessed to paddle in some absolutely beautiful places.  Recently, I had another such opportunity that is close by, the Pemigewasset River in New Hampshire.  The water there is like crystal, and even in some of the deepest parts, the rocks and sand below are clearly-seen.  Where the river... Continue Reading →

The TMS Challenge: Week 13b, 1 Corinthians 2:12

On Monday, we started week 13, the first week in the Topical Memory System's Series C, "Rely on God's Resources," with 1 Corinthians 3:16.  In that verse, we saw that discipleship forms God's "building" or "temple" - a life in which the Holy Spirit dwells. Today, we're flipping back one chapter to be assured that indeed... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 13a, 1 Corinthians 3:16

Welcome back to The Topical Memory System, as we start the first week in Series C, "Rely on Christ's Resources."  The study guide suggests that this might be a good time to go back and review the "Principles for Memorizing Scripture" on page 15.  It also asks us to review all the verses from Series B,... Continue Reading →

The TMS Challenge: Series C, “Rely on God’s Resources”

We are almost at the halfway point in our journey through the Topical Memory System!  How is it going?  I have to confess that I have been struggling to get my memorization and meditation time in.  Is anyone else having that struggle? We have completed Series A, "Live the New Life," and Series B, "Proclaim Christ." ... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Review, Series B, “Proclaim Christ”

As we continue through the Topical Memory System, let's take a look at where we've been. We began with Series A, "Live the New Life," in which we populated an illustration of a wheel: This illustration and the verses it includes was intended to help us see the critical components of our walk with Jesus.  That... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 12b, John 5:24

Well this is why we have rest weeks!  It's a week late when I'm writing this, when I should be covering a review of series B, "Proclaim Christ," in the Topical Memory System challenge.  But we're still at the second half of the last week in that series, "Assurance of Salvation." How is your memorization coming?  Are... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 12a, 1 John 5:13

"Assurance." What a word that is.  Calming, comforting, and confident in its very nature.  A positive this will be against the world's claims that there is nothing that is sure. I was recently at a memorial service for "Dee" in which a non-believer gave testimony about a sweet departed saint.  "Asia" described herself as angry: angry at... Continue Reading →

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