TMS Challenge: Week 20 – Separate from the World – 1 John 2:15-16

Welcome to week 20 of the Topical Memory System.  20 weeks, 40 verses - this is quite a milestone! In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus admonishes us not to store up treasures for ourselves on earth, but in heaven (Mt 6:19).  Later, he rebukes Peter for having his mind not on the things of God but... Continue Reading →


TMS Challenge: Week 19b – Put Christ First, Luke 9:23

Salvation is offered as a free gift.  Discipleship costs everything. One way to tell the true Gospel from a false one is where it finds its center.  What does it offer?  The true Gospel offers only identity with Christ, to share not only in his eternal glory, but in his temporal suffering.  The false prophet... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 19 – Put Christ First, Matthew 6:33

Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" upends the way of the world to point to the Kingdom of God.  In the Beatitudes, he calls people "blessed" whom others might call "cursed" (Mt 5:3-12).  He goes on to tell his followers that they are to be "salt and light" (vv 13-16) in the world, following the Messiah... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Series D, “Become His Disciple”

Note: This week, take some time to complete the "Topic and Reference Quiz" on page 49. This is the fourth of five series in the Topical Memory System by the Navigators.  In the previous series we have had opportunities to hear, read, study, memorize, and meditate upon Scripture that teaches us to: Live the New Life... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 18b – His Help in Temptation, Psalm 119:9,11

Throughout Scripture, starting in Genesis 3 and until the institution of the new heaven and new earth in Revelation 21, we find the presence of sin, rebellion against God. Even the most godly find themselves slave to sin at times.  David, whom God calls "a man after my own heart" (1 Sam 13:14; Acts 13:22),... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 18 – His Help in Temptation, Hebrews 2:18

This is the last week in the Topical Memory System, Series C ("Rely on His Resources")!  A critical part of Scripture Memory is actually putting it into practice, and when we put the truth of Scripture into the practice of the life into which we are called, we will be tempted.  The Greek word often used... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 17b – His Provision, Philippians 4:19

Earlier this week, we memorized Romans 8:32 on his provision - how are you doing with that new verse?  For that matter, how are you doing with Scripture memory in general?  In the book this week, we are asked to read two articles, starting on page 43.  A quick summary of them: "Two Essentials in Scripture... Continue Reading →

TMS Challenge: Week 17 – His Provision, Romans 8:32

Welcome back from the rest week and into the home stretch of Series C, "Rely on God's Resources."  So far, we have seen Scripture that calls us to rely on his Spirit, Faithfulness, and Peace.  This week, we will see how we also are called to rely on his Provision. God is the provider -... Continue Reading →

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