2019 TMS Challenge – Resources to Help You

As we begin first series of The Topical Memory System, I thought it important to point out some resources I and others have found helpful in the past and present, as well as to ask you to share yours.  Some of these are also covered in an older post - "Tech Tools for Your Spiritual Journey."... Continue Reading →


2019 TMS Challenge – Live the New Life

OK, we've had a gentle start in The Topical Memory System, and next week we start with memorization (no reason you can't work ahead, by the way!), starting with Series A, "Live the New Life."  This series of six lessons, with a break between #3 and #4, will lead us to memorizing twelve verses. Before... Continue Reading →

Starting a Daily Quiet Time

A survey by LifeWay indicated that 90% of "regular church-goers" in the United States agreed with the statement "I desire to please and honor Jesus in all I do."  That is wonderful. But that same survey indicated that only about 1 in 5 of those same respondents read their Bible daily, and 2 in 5... Continue Reading →

Join the 2019 TMS Challenge!

If you are joining us on the 2019 Topical Memory System Challenge, there's no reason to go it alone!  We will be having our first gatherings soon to encourage one another in this journey.  If you would like to be on the email chain for announcements about such things, please send me an email at... Continue Reading →

Topical Memory System – Starting our Voyage

OK, it's Monday, and I know next year doesn't start until tomorrow, but this is the first week introduction as we begin our voyage through The Topical Memory System. You can find more details about this challenge here. Have you ever thought that Scripture memory was too tough? Are you thinking that right now? I... Continue Reading →

The Topical Memory System — NavHistory

For those of you considering joining us on our challenge to complete Topical Memory System in 2019, here is an interesting historical piece I found on the origin of the TMS. The Topical Memory System is one of The Navigators’ most well-loved study methods. How did the TMS come to be? In 1926 Dawson Trotman... Continue Reading →

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

How do you learn contentment like Paul discusses in Philippians 4:10-13?  Jeremiah Burroughs suggest that the first step is learning where not to look.  He writes... “My brethren, the reason why you have not got contentment in the things of the world is not because you have not got enough of them. That is not the... Continue Reading →

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