“What if we come back to a world where nothing’s the same?” 31:15 Intro

On February 19th, over a dozen people left on a rafting adventure on the Grand Canyon section of the Colorado River.  They unplugged from the Internet and mobile phone service, which was part of the draw of the trip in the first place, and spent the next month on the water, camping along the way. The guide said that every time he leads a trip, someone jokes, “What if we come back to a world where nothing’s the same?”

And Also Much Cattle?

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “There are more idols in the world than there are realities.” We wrapped up the book of Jonah this past Sunday seeing Jonah “worshiping” a plant.  Now, I don’t think many us to struggle with worshiping plants.  (To some, the Church Office does have a "cultic-plant-shrine" feel to it but to those... Continue Reading →

Why There Is A PAUSE Button

When we watch a movie as a family, I use the PAUSE button.  Certainly, PAUSE buttons allow for bathroom breaks and refilling of the popcorn bowl.  But in our house, PAUSE buttons allows for the barrage of questions.  Who is he?  PAUSE. What is she doing?  PAUSE.  Where are they?  PAUSE.  Why are they there? ... Continue Reading →

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